Flags of the World Quiz (Easy)


Try to guess the country by its flag, choosing from multiple answer options. This is a fairly easy test of your knowledge, but sometimes you will have to think. There are very similar flags where you can easily get confused. Tip: do not rush to immediately give an answer, look at all available options. Geographically, they did not limit themselves to one region, but took the whole world. The next part will be more interesting, it will be a good challenge for you.

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  1. ZardasterDec 1, 2022 14:13
    100% result, I liked it very much. Looking forward to the next part.
    1. AdNovumDec 1, 2022 16:19
      Already in progress. You'll see it soon!
  2. AstrodevDec 1, 2022 14:07
    Made only one mistake. Nicely done quiz.