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Our goal is to enable everyone to create something new, engaging, and educational in a beautiful way to awaken the curiosity of many people.

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Quizzes are a fun and great way to test someone's knowledge and erudition, but they can be so much more than just a simple assessment tool. By creating interesting and thought-provoking quizzes, you can encourage people to learn more. So don't just stop at using questions as a means of testing - use them as a way to inspire and educate! If a short explanation is given after the answer, the person will be able to understand more details. A test with results becomes more valuable and gets the most positive feedback. Choose the best quiz types for your purposes: Classic, True or False, Comparison, and Type Answer. Our builder provides additional settings that will allow you to achieve the desired result in the best possible way.

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A special format that allows you to share and spread a lot of interesting and useful information. This a unique opportunity to make a real impact on the world around you. Discuss and verify the facts with a wide audience. Everyone is naturally curious and wants to learn new things, and this is a great way to satisfy that curiosity. The main thing is to find the right approach and to capture people's attention and interest.

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Classic Quiz

Create a classical test with a question and multiple-choice answers. Additional fields allow you to add a picture, hint, and give an explanation. The perfect way to test people's knowledge!

Classic Multiple Choice Quiz

True or False

A beautiful and easy-to-create quiz. Write a statement, upload a background image, and provide the correct answer. An explanation field allows you to tell people useful information.

True or False Quiz

Comparative Quiz

An interesting and popular quiz format that allows you to compare a variety of things. Choose beautiful pictures and give a good explanation to keep users interested and expand their horizons.

Comparative Quiz

Type Answer

Many settings will help you to create the most complex and unusual tests, where a person needs to enter the answer himself. Flexibility allows you to achieve great results and attract the attention of a wide audience.

Type Answer Quiz

Interesting Facts

Share amazing, fun, and inspiring facts from various areas of life with the world. Pay special attention to credibility, and discuss an interesting topic with all the curious in the comments.

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Our workspace and user-friendly features make it easy to create different types of questions and facts, and then monitor the performance of your content. This will allow you to improve existing quizzes and achieving better results with new ones.

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Our tools are designed to help curious people create, receive and share interesting information. We take content credibility seriously to build trust. Each member of the AddNovom platform makes a valuable contribution to the process of simple and enjoyable learning. Every field of human activity can be fascinating and amazing, if properly presented.

All quizzes are adapted and look good on mobile phones, tablets and large screens. Therefore, regardless of the devices people use, they will be able to enjoy taking quizzes and viewing interesting facts.