Space Quiz: True or False (with Answers)


Test your knowledge and understanding of space with our true or false quiz! Explore interesting questions about astronomy and challenge yourself to learn something new. Share your discoveries with friends and get closer to the stars! The universe is vast and astonishing, almost beyond comprehension for the human mind. Yet, researchers persist in delving deeper into space, making groundbreaking discoveries with each passing year. Some of these findings may seem like they're straight out of a science fiction novel.

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  1. AstrodevFeb 15, 2024 08:26
    Good informative quiz, even the embedded video with the answer, as I understood, authored by you. Great job!
  2. GizmmyOct 19, 2023 18:12
    I definitely liked some of the tricky questions
  3. OrbitAllNov 17, 2022 10:36
    I have been interested in space for a long time, but I still made one mistake. Nice pictures by the way.
  4. lastFoxNov 16, 2022 17:22
    Keep doing quizzes like this and facts after the answers. it's really great!
  5. SintinNov 15, 2022 14:01
    Some questions made me really think and thank you for having full answers. This kind of content is valuable!
  6. nikoviNov 14, 2022 17:07
    Interesting questions and awesome answer explanations. Keep going!