Easy Math Puzzles (with Answers Explained)


The first part of interesting math puzzles that can be solved using simple logic. Try to find the correct patterns and give an answer. There will be an explanation for each question after your answer, so you can train your brain. All riddles are easy to solve in your head, the main thing is to find the best way. These puzzles are a great way to improve math skills and test problem solving abilities for people of all ages. The difficulty is relatively low, so we advise you to try the next part after completing this one.

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  1. RatnneeNov 15, 2022 08:08
    The second part is definitely needed! Questions are interesting, but it would be better to make it harder
    1. AdNovumNov 15, 2022 08:36
      Coming soon
  2. KirisNov 14, 2022 06:57
    Only two questions made me think longer than 10 seconds, but it was interesting.
  3. SelendisNov 12, 2022 18:42
    I made only one mistake and that was purely due to inattention