Logical Thinking Riddles with Answers Explained


Use your basic math knowledge to solve these brain and logic riddles. Some of them may seem too simple, but be careful with tricks. Something looks difficult, but in fact it is solved primitively and quickly using ingenuity. A good example of how sometimes you can confuse a person, using even simple things that he definitely knows very well. There are explanations for each puzzle, you will receive all the answers. Whether you're a student or simply someone who enjoys tricky questions, these riddles will provide you with entertainment and mental exercise.

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  1. OnetwoNov 17, 2022 14:21
    Good tricky questions, completed 100%
  2. SintinNov 15, 2022 14:05
    The number of characters for answers in some places is a very good hint, and the questions are interesting.
  3. RatnneeNov 15, 2022 08:31
    Not very difficult, but makes you think