Good Math Puzzles


The second part of math puzzles, but now the questions will be a little more difficult, although the solution will require quite basic knowledge and good logic. Just a hint - all calculations can be done in your mind, without using improvised items. Try to find the right patterns and find out the answer for each brain teaser. Explanations will be given immediately after your answers.

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  1. KannanNov 18, 2022 10:22
    I liked it, I will wait for the next part if you do.
  2. OrbitAllNov 17, 2022 10:23
    Quite interesting tasks, I hope you will continue this series of quizzes
  3. SintinNov 15, 2022 13:59
    Great workout for the brain. A good variety of questions, otherwise the same type gets bored quickly.
  4. DellafNov 15, 2022 10:10
    Appreciate the explanations of all answers. It's rare to find such good quizzes.